Corrugated box printing
Corrugated boxes offer safe
protection for your products.

Corrugated Box Printing

Corrugated Box Printing

Corrugated box printing solution and printing service

Corrugated boxes are ideal for packaging and delivering a variety of fragile materials. Printing marketing and advertising materials on the box also offers additional company visibility.

A corrugated box undergoes a number of steps from printing to manufacturing, all of which we accomplish here at Lintai with the assistance of a printing press and die cutting machine. We also offer box assembly services to reduce customer costs.

Since the company was founded, Lintai has provided clients with a variety of printing services and techniques. Our main services include paperboard box printing, cardboard box printing, label printing, user manual printing and so on. We can only list part of our printings for you to check printing effect due to the limited page space. Our complete set of printing equipment and printing service experience enables us to deliver consistently high-quality printings. If you need mass printing production, please contact us.

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