Utilizing state of the art printing technologies, LINTAI has been a leader in the industry of high-quality printing services. Nowadays, we own the whole production service of printing processes, including prepress proofing service, digital and offset printing service, post printing services-finishing, binding, embossing, die cutting, folding, hot foil stamping etc. We are continually investing the latest equipment and technologies in order to ensure our clients’ expectations met or exceeded.

Lintai Printing Co. is a comprehensive service provider in the printing industry. We offer our valued customers high quality design, production, publishing, printing, and molding services that will be tailored directly to your needs. Our printing services are suitable for numerous types of printing on paperboard, cardboard, cartons, leaflets, user manuals, paper handbags, and labels. We can also provide certain printing treatments like laminating, partial UV treatment, gold stamping and optical laser processing in addition to our regular ink printing services depending on your special requirements. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

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